What parents are saying about the seminar...

Very powerful. It opened my eyes totally. Thank you!

                Mike C.

So glad I came - should be mandatory for all parents!! Thank You!!

           Suzanne T.

Wow! I am so glad we attended tonight! Your presentation was timely & enlightening.

                   Amy & Tom G.

How easy it is for our children to be exposed. No more false sense of security!

                             Wendy R.

Helped raise my awareness & cure a good bit of my naivete and ignorance.

                 Brian B.

More Testimonials:

  1. “Good presentation & great facilitation skills: it kept me engaged.” - Michelle D.

  2. “My knowledge of the computer is quite limited - this was a real eye opener.” - Pauline G.

  3. “I loved the 15 ways to protect you and your family.” - Diana S.

  4. “Well done! Appreciate the info of the dangers and what we can do about it!.” - Judy L.

  5. “Very helpful and informative in building layers of protection for my family.” - Christina E.