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“The Dark Side of the Web” seminar covers many topics that will help you learn how to protect your family from the dangers that lurk on the Internet. This seminar has been presented to parents and concerned adults at public schools, private schools, churches and other venues.

Some of the seminar topics:

  1. The Staggering Stats - What’s really going on with kids and the Internet.   

  2. How’d that get on my screen? - The tricks & traps that can ensnare your kids online.

  3. Sexual Predators, Social Networking & Chat Rooms - What you need to know.

  4. Porn Goes Mobile - How kids can get porn on their cell phones & portable gaming devices.

  5. Get Equipped - 15 ways to help you protect your family from Internet dangers.

At our seminars we:

    • Educate and inform parents of what awaits their children on the Internet

    • Show how easily their computer can find its way to “The Dark Side”

    • Provide parents with the tools and information they need to protect their family

Throughout the seminar you will:

    • See how your kids are an innocent mouse click or key stroke away from graphic 

       pornography and inappropriate websites.

    • Find out why free Peer-to-Peer file sharing software (i.e. eMule & BitTorrent)

       and many free email services are major portals to pornographic and gambling websites.

    • Find out about the dangers of social networking websites like Facebook & Twitter

To book a seminar contact us at or at 248-835-9992.